What is Stock Calculator?

You can use this free tool to calculate the key metrics of your stock and crypto trades, such as profit and loss, return on investment, and the break-even share price. It also helps you determine what’s taxable when you sell or exchange shares by deriving your average cost basis.

How do I use the Stock Calculator?

The primary functions of this Stock Calculator are easy to use. To use the primary functions of the calculator, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by adding the buy and sell commissions to you by your broker or exchange.
  2. Add the number of shares and price per share of your trade and select either a buy or sell direction.
  3. Put in the current share price of the stock or cryptocurrency and then press Calculate. The results will be displayed immediately.
  4. You can then optionally share your trade result with others by copying the trade’s URL or using social media buttons.

Who made this Stock Calculator?

A bunch of stock traders who’ve been trading US/HK/CA/JP stocks for decades.

What Makes This Stock Calculator Different?

  • You can easily save and share the results of your stock trades after calculating the results.
  • Our extensive list of cool trade ideas may inspire you to continue learning about trading and investing.
  • Like Bloomberg Terminal and many major stock-related apps, we use dark mode by default to protect our users’ eyes.
  • Our site supports several keyboard shortcuts:
    1. s / S for Sell;
    2. b / B for Buy;
    3. Enter / Return for Stock Calculating.

This stock calculator has several unique features that others don’t have.

Useful Utilities

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Stock Calculator


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